The Ben Rhydding Curriculum Pathway

At Ben Rhydding we are developing a curriculum that builds on skills through each year group and that deepens and broadens pupils knowledge, memory and understanding through high expectations and through reflective teaching. We want pupils to develop good learning relationships, see the relevance of learning in their lives and develop independence and learning behaviours for the future.

In Maths we follow the White Rose Maths Mastery programme in which at its heart is the principles of ‘seeing’ maths and understanding it as well as the ability to ‘do’ maths. We encourage pupils to follow a concrete, pictorial to abstract representation of concepts. By building up the foundations for independence (through problem solving and pupil confidence in number), we aim to develop ‘mathematicians’, not just pupils who can do maths. Once becoming fluent in methods, each child embeds their learning through variation of challenge and through extending their reasoning skills.

Our English Mastery curriculum mirrors approaches in Maths. We aim to develop children who can understand texts, justify their thinking and show an in-depth appreciation of the writer’s craft. We develop this through whole class reading in Year 1 and 2 using picture books, through to whole class reading in KS2 with pupils having copies of class novels. We aim at pupils becoming immersed in a whole text to develop inference and engagement. We follow a Philip Webb sequence of learning, through reading weeks, to development of grammar and punctuation before drafting, editing and publishing a piece of writing. We use graphic organisers and visual aids to help pupils structure their thinking.

We have an inquiry approach to science, developing practical investigation skills as well as knowledge of key scientific big ideas.  We build on pupils existing knowledge and we use their questions to help shape our teaching. Through ‘Science Day’ and our outdoor learning space, we enhance pupil’s engagement and understanding of science in the real world.

‘What makes a fluent learner at Ben Rhydding’?

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