The Ben Rhydding Curriculum Vision

At Ben Rhydding Primary School our value driven, world-centred curriculum has been developed for children to consider the following questions

  • What might I learn?
  • What might I contribute?
  • What might I become?

What might I learn?

The curriculum at Ben Rhydding Primary School is based on the National Curriculum and the Early Years Framework. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that it is inclusive and that it challenges all children.  We seek for each child to develop a love of the subjects they are taught through designing a curriculum that builds the knowledge and skills they will need to access it, develop it and master it.

Children are taught high-quality lessons which follow a clear learning sequence. Children review prior learning and are introduced to new concepts through using high quality model texts and representations. Our approach strongly emphasises children being able to articulate their learning with subject specific vocabulary being taught explicitly and all children being expected to use this in discussion and written work. Children are provided with regular targeted feedback and are challenged. Challenge could be through group work, investigation, debate or problem solving.

What might I contribute?

Our school sits in the heart of Ben Rhydding and we are proud of the links we have established within our community. We see each individual as a member of our school team – a child that has skills and ideas to offer, share and contribute. Throughout the year, each year group has opportunities to contribute to our school and our local community.

In school opportunities to contribute include; house days, open classrooms, living museum projects, school council, digital leaders and reading ambassadors.

Local community opportunities include; tree planting and litter picking, singing to residents in a local care home, taking part in the car free festival.

What might I become?

Our strong links with the local community enable us to ask the children to consider what or who they might become. We want our pupils to look outwards and develop their interests, growing a sense of the person they wish to become and the areas of interest they wish to pursue.

We develop this through giving our children a range of opportunities to enrich the curriculum – visits and visitors, residential trips, extra-curricular activities and productions.

We teach our children explicitly the values they need to become life long learners; patience, courage, listening, curiosity, collaboration, imagination, empathy and responsibility. We encourage resilience and perseverance, overcoming barriers and facing challenge.

DfE Curriculum information can be found here.

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