Headteacher’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

A warm welcome to our school website and we hope you find it useful in understanding more about our school, its vision and values and what makes it a special place to be!   

I have the privilege of being the headteacher at Ben Rhydding Primary School.

One of the key facets to our school is its caring nature and community ethos. Relationships between governors, pupils, staff and parents are encouraging and positive and it this which sustains our school and sets the conditions for excellent learning to take place.

We believe in developing a school culture which inspires, challenges and nurtures staff and pupils and we centre this around three questions:

We truly want to develop pupils and staff with the capacity not just to participate in the wider world but reshape it for the better in the future; we develop this capacity through our focus on our learning values. These are: Listening, Curiosity, Imagination, Collaboration, Patience, Courage, Responsibility, Empathy.

We believe in developing future leaders and this is important not just to our school but for the wider education system. We also believe in bringing about change carefully and thoughtfully based on the best available evidence. Most of all however, we believe that ‘culture is impact’ and if we develop a safe, happy, engaging school environment we will develop a legacy of successful, independent and empathetic young people.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our school and please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues if you would like to find out more information!

Kind regards,

Mr Peter Timms
Head Teacher